FruitLand was born out of 60 years of worldwide experience in the nuts & dried fruits field.
Developing, Exporting, importing & packing wide range of agriculture commodities,
for wholesalers and retailers companies all over the world. As a result of our tremendous knowledge, experience, and reputation,
we can guarantee supplying the best quality for our worldwide customers.
Naturally sweet, healthy & delicious, FruitLand offers dried fruits, nuts and vegetables that are carefully selected and guaranteed to be fresh and ready to enjoy right out of the package. Straight from the world’s best growers and dehydrated one batch at a time, our savory selection of freshly roasted peanuts, quality dried fruit, and savory, spiced vegetables will liven up favorite dinner dishes, salads, grains, soups and strews.
The health benefits of eating fruit are well known, consuming natural foods is an important part of living a wholesome, pure, and joyful, balanced life.

Eating fruit in moderation is one to receive the much needed nutrients and vitamins your body needs, and dried fruit is a quick and easy way to get through a busy day. Dried fruit is often a more concentrated source of nutrients, an excellent source of simple sugars, and give you a burst of energy.

Keeping a selection of your favorite dried fruit on hand makes it easy to treat the whole family to a delicious, chewy, and nourishing snack. It is also one of the best ways to still eat your favorite fruits when they happen to be out of season.




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June 10, 2015