A lot of business owners came to us with this question, They know they need a social presence, but they don’t relate to the online world – and that is where, essentially customers want to purchase products and services.

Don’t get me wrong, old fashion marketing is still in play, fliers, ads and paper are major keys in a local business, but the backup of an online marketing strategy is a must! Let’s say you own an accessories shop and a mother comes in with her daughter to purchase some earrings and stuff like that, the mother probably not going to browse around looking for the cheapest price online or the next nearest store but be sure that the teenage daughter will look you up to see if one of her friends already visited your store and recommended it. Now, if your store didn’t supply the right coupon or review that this girl was looking for, your chances now days of closing a deal dropped by 30%-40%, however, if your Facebook ad or yelp page gave this costumer a “check in” voucher that will give her 5% off on accessories – you are in business!

Not just because of the discount, because in the long term 500 costumers in the next 6 months will do the same and in 6 months from now their friend will be sure that they can buy in your store with confidence because their friends bought their and left good reviews… that is how you start your own brand.

Getting Rid Of Inventory

Another example of good online standing will play for your own benefit when you want to sell some stuff that got stuck on the shelf for a long time, we know, at the time you thought this product will be your big break and going to change the world, but than reality strike and this product was a disaster… now what??

Well, turn this mass into a success by giving it as a bonus on every purchase! But if you only do it in the store, You’re lost, because the costumer see you is already there willing to buy. The whole point of creating a promotion is to trigger those who don’t know you to visit your store.

Car dealers do that with a promise of “Gas Cards” on every test drive you do, and this method worked for years. Other food chains promise to supersize your meal if you will come between 11am-2pm etc.

Promotions are awesome if customers know about them…