The Power Of a Simple Newsletter

In an age where our news consumption has become more real-time-oriented, more fragmented with bite-sized news from Twitter feeds and notifications in general, newsletters are finite – they are a way of communicating: This is all you need to know for now.

The expression, “Use a picture, it’s worth a thousand words” conveys the truth in our culture at how a single photo can convey so much meaning, feeling, information and complexity. In the early days of Hollywood photographers and movie studios could mold the images and careers of their stars before digital cameras and mobile phones with front-facing lenses. When we consider the increased predominance of images as the core of communication, we must realize that the status-quo is dead, and that our rapidly shifting marketplace requires businesses to be connected, artful, meaningful, accessible and authentic.

In digital terms, a picture IS worth a thousand words, and whoever coined the phrase decades ago was probably unaware that over time, it would be discovered that a digital picture and and an email of a thousand words could actually have the same amount of digital worth.

Most of us may be reluctant to subscribe to an e-newsletter because of their time-sucking, space-wasting nature, but an e-newsletter is a great way to keep your customers up-to-date on what’s going on at your business. It can also be an effective vehicle that offers additional value – specials, discounts, how-to’s, industry news, tips, and more. If you offer great content and let your personality shine through, your e-newsletter will be something your customers look forward to receiving.

A newsletter is ultimately the kingpin of your keep-in-touch strategy. It’s what you use to position yourself as a trusted, credible expert. It enhances your influence in your marketplace. It’s how you BUILD RELATIONSHIPS with your community and yes, it helps bring in clients.

An effective email newsletter paired with social media tactics can grab a hold of many potential customers for your business rather than just relying on emails or social media alone. It forces you to step up your game, translates to all areas of your business and will drive you to find yourself looking for ways to build your list, which helps you to build your business in a big way.

It increases your web exposure,  helps you capture more leads and enables you to build stronger relationships with your current and potential customers.

It allows you to get ahead of the competition: If your competitors don’t have an e-newsletter then this is your opportunity to convey a higher level of professionalism than your competitors.

It builds customer loyalty: Your customers want to hear from you! You must provide incentives (coupons, specials, etc.) and interesting information that they may never be exposed to outside of your e-newsletter.

It can strengthen Customer Retention: Connect with your customers in a way that makes them feel secure with their decision to use/buy your business’ products.

It can build Word-of-Mouth: Give your customers and prospects a reason to talk about you and your awesome publication.

Once people subscribe to your e-newsletter or Facebook Page, then you have permission to market to them and the best way to market is a content-driven approach through the means of your e-newsletter.

So how do you captivate your audience?

Provide unique value of being a subscriber. Don’t just provide ads and specials because those incentives must be paired with great, relevant content to the target market you’re trying to reach.

Do not spam! Whether you send an e-newsletter monthly or quarterly, let the user know and don’t change up the publishing schedule.

Be aware. Monitor the open rates of your e-newsletters, know what sections are the most clicked on, and how it compares to past e-newsletters sent to develop a feel for what your audience is most likely to read.

Promote! By promoting your e-newsletter on your social media platforms, you’ll be sure to reach a larger audience.

Include unique tips. Share unique tips and key takeaways to allow your customers to feel even more confident in your services. Get them looking forward to your next e-newsletter by offering an insider’s tip in each issue.