Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can be a huge starting point to promote and direct traffic to your E-commerce site without investing money on advertising or promotions.  Social networks are considered to be a powerful arena for online marketing. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each social network and choose the most relevant ones for you. You must understand where your product stands now and in the near future. It’s important to understand where your product stands? Does your product or niche fall into fad or trend or is part of a stable growing market?  Before launching a product or service first, you must know how buyers behave, how to target them, how to build trust and CREATE A NEED for the product. As a business owner, you should know how your clients think, what they like and what problems they are facing.

Make sure the value is obvious. A great product should solve a certain problem or answer specific questions. There should never be a need for salesy speeches or lengthy demonstrations.

Step into your market’s shoes. Step out of your box and think like someone that doesn’t know anything about what you’re selling. Make their questions answered and offer a solution to their problem.

Looking ahead means that your online experience will show you that you can capitalize on your expertise and start selling products that are not related to your current line of products. This is where CMS, website development, and SEO are important.