There are 2 Main Roads in Lead Generation

1. Make the best of what ever clientele you already have and expand your circles

2. Get new leads and make sure they will sign up with you!

Road No. 1 – In House Clients – The Wrap Around

you have an established business with prospects and leads – incoming calls, returning costumers, website and referrals. your sales rep or you will contact the potential costumer and try to strike a deal, if you have all of your sales act together you will try to find the costumer needs and than create the right package for him, by doing that you losing time, again, online generation will ask you for a quote and will do the same with 3 different realtors on the same time. time is an asset this days and the young generation doesn’t care about integrity, they care about the bottom line.

a wrap around system meaning that the second the potential costumer came across your website you are already set up to put a track on him for the next week, on your site you will need to get the most information you can before he makes the call so the phone meeting will be as fast and accurate as possible, no more than 15 min later he should receive his first quote and now the tango begin. the more confident the costumer will gain in you the better your chances will be to strike a deal. let’s say that after you sent him a quote usually you will wait a day to or two to call back and ask if he likes what you sent him, your chances already dropped 30%.

Your company needs a sales funnel – a system that will wrap around the costumer for that week of searching and won’t let go. retargeting ads, local online ads, auto responder and a many more tools will help you do that. because the last sentence made you think if it’s english there are lead generation companies. every lead company got her own secrets but mostly all of them working in the same system, don’t let go until the costumer says “I Do”.

CRM Software – in order to become a brand or even just to step up from the small business you own to the next level you must have a CRM Software, every industry got her own top 3 softwares but in the end they are all the same, keep track on your costumer relations. a potential costumer called, your rep answered, no matter what the end result of that phone call is, as a policy, the system will pop up the next day for a follow up, on the same note, past midnight of that first call your system will send him an automatic e-mail saying you have a promotion by the end of next week and one of your costumer will win an all include honey moon package after signing a house – all they need to do is fill the “application”.

then every day the system will shoot another e-mail with fitting houses that will track what the costumer clicks on so you will have an idea on what he is looking for, easier said than done, but with a little help you will raise your sales in no time! to understand the true benefits of a CRM Software click here

Auto Responder – A must have system – Auto responder is basically the new and fastest way to get to your costumers, if in the past you used to send post cards inviting costumers to your yearly sales event, now days a simple well designed e-mail will do the job, not only get the job done, it will reach more people, way faster, with less money and you will know exactly how and who opened your package! (yes, it’s possible).

for the sales part of the auto responder, one example is to create a 7 push forward e-mails in advanced that will be sent every day (example) at 9am, so every morning for the next week your potential costumer will be reminded that you are still in play and did not forget about his search.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!!!

Even tough we live in a digital world, people do business with people, don’t ever forget that, and the basic of sales psychology will teach you that every man will try to show to his friends that “his guy” is the best in the business, cause i’m a man, and i’m working only with the best, so i will surely push my friends to do the same. (the fact of the matter is to cover your ego by doing so, if more guys will sign up you are not alone… but that is for a different book :-))

The numbers unfortunately are not in our favor… a good pleased costumer will refer you to 3 more potential costumers while a disappointed costumer will trash you with at least 10 other! what we learned from that? try to keep your costumers happy 🙂 and more happy costumers will generate more leads.