About KCS Brands Team

It Was a Rough Start… But We Made It!

KCS Brands kicked off in mid 2012 as an E-Commerce side project for us, we all had marketing experience, each individual in his own industry, after helping a friend out with a marketing issue he had with his business we came up with KCS Brands.

KCS Brands – Knowledge & Creative Solutions – our logo comes from our team members passion for car racing and our history in that field, in business like racing, we believe you have to be sharp, accurate and calculate every variable along the way, understanding that you will never get them all is a great start to not beat yourself up for something you couldn’t change.

For us, a racing driver is the most safe driver, think about it this way, if you need to brake at once from 200mph to a complete stop the fastest way possible, the city roads will be a piece of cake, same goes in marketing; analyze in advance, set the goal, use the right tools and choose the best team will make you winner at the finish line.

We offer many creative solutions for small businesses, entrepreneurs like ourselves and actually, everybody who wants to move forward in the online world. from E-Commerce Websites to Local Business Branding we have the tools to get you there. all you need to do is share your goal with us, we will find the best solution to get you there.

Our Process:

  • Profile Creation
  • Content Development
  • Increased online exposure and audience engagement

Allow us to create, develop, and maintain the social media accounts you want for your business. Through our social media marketing services, your brand exposure will increase and customer base will expand organically.

Creating effective, engaging content is the key to keeping your company at the top of your customers news and twitter feeds. With KCS Brands, your social media accounts will be regularly updated with relevant and interesting posts to attract more followers and potential clients.

Want To Join The Team?

KCS Brands is seeking for new creative Minds that will bring something fresh to the table, if online business is in your blood and you see yourself working with a  great team (who wouldn’t? :-)) Please Send us your contact Information. E-Commerce, SEO, Lead Gen, Social Media, Web and Graphic Design Are Always Welcome!

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